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Terms of use of the service for the competition organizer

These terms apply together with the general terms of service.

Competition organizer here means the person who sets up the competition and uses the features related to the results service.

Freestyleresults.com is intended to help organize freestyle paddling competitions and publish competition results.

The personal information of those registered for the competition organized by you is available to you. Personal data may not be used to send messages that cause harm or disturb the recipient.

The service provider can block the service from you if there is reasonable reason to suspect misuse.

You may be denied access to the data of the competition you have created if you have not logged into the service in the last twelve (12) months. However, you can request access to the competitions data again.

When registering for the competition, the participant has to accept the conditions related to the processing of personal data, as well as the conditions of the competition organizer if the competition organizer has published them. If the terms and conditions of the competition organizer conflict with the terms and conditions of the service provider, the terms and conditions of the service provider will be followed primarily.

The service provider has no liability for damages to the user of the service.