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Processing of personal data

Protecting your personal data against misuse is important, and therefore how personal data is processed is described here.

The service stores the following information you provide when registering for the competition: competition category, name, club, country and email address. The data is stored in the EU on a server located in the region.

The e-mail address of the person registered for the competition can be deleted upon request, but the competition category, name, club and country remain in the competition results.

The name, club and country information of the person registered for the competition is available to all competition organizers. Otherwise, the information will not be disclosed to a third party.

The e-mail address you provided when registering for the competition is available to the organizer and service administrator of the competition you have registered for. In accordance with the terms of use of the service, the competition the organizer does not have the right to disclose personal data for any purpose other than organizing the competition. However, the service provider is not responsible if the competition organizer gives up information contrary to the terms of use of the service.

In connection with the use of the service, information is NOT collected for marketing and user profiling purposes. The service saves your browser in cookies information enabling the use of the service and usage statistics.

Data stored in the service is password protected. Only the service provider and those required to produce the service can access the information system administrator. The administrator of the system needed to provide the service is Zoner Oy. The system administrator may change without notifying you.

Contact details of the person responsible for personal data processing: Kari Nykänen, info (at) freestyleresults.com