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FreestyleResults includes features for organizing a freestyle kayaking competition for the organizer, competitor and followers of the competition.

FreestyleResults speed up publishing of results, you don't need any papers, all participants and audience see up to date information about the competition. Use of service is very simple. The idea is that the scribe records the movements on paper, after which the scores are recorded on the mobile phone. You can use the calculator included in the service to calculate points.

Last software update: 02.08.2023 - fixed problem with 0 results in public view.

Contact information

Kari Nykänen
Email: k_nykanen @


  • Mobile optimized - works really well on a mobile phone.
  • You can create a game and maintain its information.
  • Registration form for the competition.
  • Addition and removal of a competitor by the competition organizer.
  • Adding a sports club.
  • Draw of competition numbers
  • Dividing competitors into groups.
  • Entering competition results(1-3 judges/scribes).
  • Score calculation according to the ICF rules in the different stages of the competition (preliminaries, 1/4 semifinals, quarterfinals and final).
  • Score calculator
  • During the competition, real-time results service ('Live Results').
  • Publishing the results in the FreestyleResults service.
  • Results as PDF files.
  • You can attach an image to the front page of the PDF printouts, e.g. the logos of the association, club or sponsors).
  • Real-time publication of results for video streaming on a green background.
  • Support for multiple languages. Currently English and Finnish.
  • The service is available 24/7. No changes are made just before and during scheduled competitions.
  • Create series of of competitions (e.g. cup) and calculate points for athletes (still work in progress to improve functionality)
  • Installing and using the service from a local computer and synchronizing registrations and results with (still work in progress to improve functionality)
  • Upload athletes and events from CSV file [NEW 24/01/2022]
  • Translatation to german available if needed. This is made with Google Translate just to experiment how it works. [NEW 24/01/2022]


This software has been used in six different Finnish Cup competitions in 2022, including Finnish Championchips, and two competitions in 2023. I have got valuable feedback from competition organizers (and also using it myself to organise competitions), scripters and judges. This has been tremendous help to develop current version of the service. Hope you like, and feedback is always welcome.

This service would be very different without open source software which is available free of charge. Following open source software components have been used to offer the service: